Real Estate Industry
To further achieve energy saving requirements for buildings and public buildings during operation, comprehensive monitoring and management of energy equipment, energy monitoring, energy planning, energy balance, and forecasting are required, in order to achieve the overall energy saving goals of building construction and public institutions.
Partners:Evergrande Real Estate, Vanke Real Estate, Blue Ray Real Estate, Credible Real Estate
Education industry
Education, as a fundamental industry for national development, has always faced two major challenges in logistics management: electrical safety and energy management. The energy measuring system has effectively addressed these challenges.
Partners:Sichuan Vocational and Technical College and Chengdu University of Information Technology.
Electric Power Industry
Utilize the advantages of smart meter technology to allow power companies to achieve convenient user experiences and avoid issues such as power outages through smart meter reading, CPU card balance inquiries, and payment methods. This will enhance the service quality of power companies, as well as improve management and maintenance levels in the electricity market.
Partner:Sichuan Electric Power Company, Sichuan Power Transmission and Transformation Company, Chengdu Power Supply Company, Bazhong Power Supply Company, Mianyang Power Supply Company, Deyang Power Supply Company and their affiliated enterprises.