National People's Congress representative Meng Yuan: Improving charging facilities to serve people's

2024-03-08 17:00

On February 11th, on the second day of the first lunar month, Meng Yuan, a representative of the National People's Congress and the head of the Communist Party Member Service Team of State Grid Sichuan Electric Power (Guang'an) Lianxin Bridge, led his team to conduct a special tour of new energy vehicle charging facilities in the Jingping Service Area of the Linshui County Expressway in Sichuan Province, providing careful protection for green travel during the Spring Festival holiday.

Meng Yuan is conducting three-phase intelligent meter calibration work in the metrology laboratory.

"Whenever holidays come, there may be queues for new energy vehicles to charge in highway service areas and some small towns to varying degrees." Meng Yuan, who has long been engaged in frontline power marketing services, knows that small charging piles are closely related to people's hearts. How to better improve charging infrastructure and benefit more people? This is a question that Meng Yuan has been pondering.

As a representative of the National People's Congress, Meng Yuan insists on combining the performance of her duties with her own work. At the 2023 National People's Congress and Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, she put forward suggestions on improving charging infrastructure and promoting the development of the new energy vehicle industry, including 7 targeted suggestions. For example, in terms of ensuring the construction of charging piles in residential areas, it is recommended that local governments introduce implementation rules to ensure that 100% of fixed parking spaces in newly built residential areas are equipped with charging piles or reserved installation conditions; It is recommended to study and introduce national standards and specifications for the construction and renovation of charging infrastructure in existing residential areas, promote the implementation of supporting policies, and combine the renovation of old residential areas to implement the full installation of fixed parking space charging infrastructure, and reasonably layout public parking space charging piles.

It is gratifying that on March 10th last year, before the first session of the 14th National People's Congress had ended, her suggestions received responses from national ministries such as the Ministry of Finance. The national ministries have replied that they will study and improve relevant policies in combination with the development of the new energy vehicle industry and the requirements of national construction land management. In 2023, three documents on the construction of charging infrastructure, including the Guiding Opinions of the General Office of the State Council on Further Building a High Quality Charging Infrastructure System, were successively issued.

  In 2023, Meng Yuan led the members of the Communist Party member service team to fight on the front line, serving the general public. Throughout the year, she completed a total of 56 major tasks to ensure electricity supply, and persisted in visiting disadvantaged groups and caring for left behind children.

"I am a National People's Congress representative from the grassroots level, and I should fully leverage the role of a National People's Congress representative in serving the people and being a good spokesperson for the people. One year of performance has strengthened my determination to serve the people and relieve their worries in the field of electricity." Meng Yuan said, "Recently, I am improving this year's proposals and suggestions, and striving to do more practical things for the people."