People's Daily: Accelerating the Construction of Major Engineering Projects

2024-03-02 16:02

The Central Economic Work Conference proposed to "expand effective investment, form a virtuous cycle of mutual promotion between consumption and investment" and "leverage the driving and amplifying effects of government investment".



Since the beginning of the year, various regions and departments have accelerated the construction of major engineering projects and continuously expanded effective investment. The construction of infrastructure such as transportation, energy, and water conservancy is progressing vigorously, and a large number of major projects are accelerating.

In Luding County, Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province, the construction of the Hubei ultra-high voltage direct current transmission project in the upper reaches of the Jinsha River is underway, and power construction workers are racing against time to assemble tower materials on the mountain ridge. "The section we are in is located in a high-altitude and heavy ice area. The slopes of hundreds of newly built iron towers are all greater than 35 degrees, with the steepest reaching 65 degrees. Some tower legs have a height difference of nearly 20 meters, as if iron towers are being erected on the 'back of a knife'." Introduction by Zou Zhongxuan, project manager of State Grid Sichuan Power Transmission and Transformation Company.

This ultra-high voltage direct current transmission project, which has the highest altitude in the world, can transmit nearly 40 billion kilowatt hours of electricity to central China annually after being put into operation, replacing over 17 million tons of coal.

The construction of the Xinjiang Hami Chongqing ultra-high voltage direct current transmission project is accelerating, with new energy accounting for more than 50% of the electricity; The Shaanxi North Anhui ultra-high voltage direct current transmission project has been approved, with a total investment of over 80 billion yuan... The large-scale wind and photovoltaic base's external transmission channels are arranged in an orderly manner, and the main grid structure of the power grid is continuously improved, laying a solid foundation for large-scale new energy consumption, safe operation of the power grid, and stable power supply.